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ilon Art Gallery is a boutique fine art and photography gallery
located in the heart of Harlem.

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Visiting ilon Art Gallery:

The gallery is open any day by appointment.
Please call Loni Efron 917-270-4696

Photo Experiences:
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Presented by ilon Art Gallery, this is a very special opportunity to have your portfolio viewed and critiqued by influential and key professional working in the photography industry today.  We chose reviewers from across the industry to support and encourage fine art photography.  Time slots are limited early sign up is encouraged. 

July 14, 2018, from 10am-6:30pm

Andrea Blanch: Editor in Chief of Musée Magazine, fashion and fine art photographer
Sean Corcoran: Curator of Prints and Photographs, Museum of the City of New York
Loni Efron: Gallery Owner, ilon Art Gallery; Archivist, Curator, Photo Editor an Software Designer
Larry Fink: Photographer and Professor
Kat Kiernan: Editor in Chief of Don't Take Pictures, Director of Panopticon Gallery in Boston
Ruben Natal-San Miguel: Fine Art Photographer and Curator

 Hotter than July by Ruben Natal-San Miguel

Hotter than July by Ruben Natal-San Miguel



FRIDAY June 15, from 12:30-630PM


Selected works will be on view from June 1, 2018 - August 12, 2018

Congratulations to our Finalists:
1st Place
: Tema Stauffer
2nd Place: Lauren Silberman
3rd Place: Nina Weinberg Doran
4th Place: Benjamin Bobkoff
Honorary Mentions:  Ashleigh Coleman, Courtney Charles, Kathleen Hayes, Kris Hodson Moore, Kristin Furbeck, Maria Larsson, Michael Kirchoff, Nancy Oliveri, Russ Rowland, Susan B. Anthony

Congratulations to all our Selected Artists:  Amy Becker, Andi Schreiber, Andrew W. Schmitt, Anita Arliss, Anne Hollowday, Arthur Nager, Ashleigh Coleman, Axelle Destaing, Barbara Kalina, Benjamin Bobkoff, Beth Mallonee Maier, Caleb Churchill, Camille Madeline Coffin, Charles Mintz, Chris Bentley, Chrissy LaMaster, Christine Moser, Christopher Bryson, Courtney Charles, Eli Craven, Alex Feld, Gary Justis, Gregg Evans, Ivan McClelan, J. Wesley Brown, Jerry Siegel, Jessica M. Kaufman, Jiji Wind, Jill Waterman, John Sanderson, Kate Pollard Hoffmann, Kathleen Hayes, Kerry St. Ours, Kris Hodson Moore, Kristen Bartley, Kristin Furbeck, Kym Ghee, Laura Cervini, Laura Swanson, Lauren Silberman, Lauren Silberman, Leslie Rosenthal, Lexie Coulum, LJ Lark, Lucy Bell Seaton, Margaret Adams, Maria Larsson, Marne Lucas, Matthew Schenning, Melissa Eder, Melissa Lynn, Michael Borowski, Michael Kirchoff, Michele Monseau, Michelle Cheikin, Mira Zaki, Nancy Oliveri, Nancy Siesel, Natalie Fay Green, Nikki Johnson, Nina Weinberg Doran, Orestes Gonzalez, Rachel Rampleman, Richard Baim, Robert Dunn, Russ Rowland, Margaret Sawyer, Eric Smalkin, Sue Abramson, Susan B. Anthony, Susan Rosenberg Jones, Tema Stauffer, Torrance York, Virgil DiBiase, Wendy Whitesell, Yu-Chen Chiu

The opening was wonderful and the installation was powerful. Your gallery is terrific- such a warm and inviting place to view art and gather.
— Julie Trager, Professor, Visual and Cultural Studies, Cerritos College


The gallery's first mission is to bring art and fun to the people of Harlem and NYC.  The gallery is a venue where artists and art enthusiasts can experience wonderful photography and fine art in a warm setting experiencing interesting 'art'.

We provide unique access to many photographers, artists and galleries throughout the world therefore the selection of works is quite extraordinary.  We build collections thoughtfully, curated based on decisions relating to your interest, aesthetics and price point.  Along with the aesthetic and the emotional appeal of collecting art, many of our clients have enjoyed extraordinary performance in the value of their artworks.  Many of these acquisitions increasing tenfold or more in value. Whether you love the works in one of our shows or you wish to strengthen your collection by locating specific work of art, you have come to the right place.

Finally we aim to simplify the acquisition process by guiding you through every step from the initial inquiry to framing, hanging and
having fun in the process. 

 Parlor Gallery

Parlor Gallery

 Giraffe Bar Gallery

Giraffe Bar Gallery

gallery interior photos by Annie Wermiel / New York Post


Before there was ilon Art Gallery there was ilon and Company.  Started in 1996, with two clients, Annie Leibovitz and David LaChappelle, Loni Efron open one of the first archive firms in the country.  ilon and Company specializes in archiving and editing services coupled with current technological solutions.  We help create a workflow, sometimes just a modification or addition to what you are currently doing, sometimes a complete overhaul.  We archive all assets including negatives, positives, prints, ephemera, equipment and from this we create a digital archive.  The iDatabase family: iArchive, iGallery, iCollection, iMange, iInventory are our custom solutions.  These solutions double as an entire office management solution for photographers, galleries, collectors, agents, and holders of large inventories.  We can help with any part of this process as some have parts of it already nailed! 

Our iDatabase family of solutions are designed Loni Efron using FileMaker Pro.  Loni has been a professional archivists for over two decades working with the top artists, living or deceased.  FileMaker is a wholly owned subsidiary of Apple Computer.  

Please visit www.ilon.com for more info or email le@ilon.com