P A S T   E X H I B I T I O N S

My Manhattan

a group photography exhibition

featuring artists:

Harry Agress, Ben Baker, Gary Breckheimer, Danny Clinch,
Gregg Delman, SM Dyer, Pari Dukovic, Dolly Faibyshev,
Flo Fox, Claude Gassian, Bob Gruen, Gabe Kirchheimer,
Elliott Landy, Anne Burlock Lawver, Alen MacWeeney, Cynthia Matthews,
Foster Mickley, Margaret Morton, Ruth Orkin,
Ken Regan, Mark Seliger, Len Speier, Philip Trager,
Linda Troeller, Lothar Troeller, Scott Witt

ilon Art Gallery

204 West 123rd Street, Harlem 10027

May 3 thru October 4, 2017


This exhibit is all about Manhattan, and how different artists see the city. Through my work as a photo archivist and gallery owner, I have met many amazing, wonderful photographers at all stages of their careers .  I asked artists to share their artistic impressions of the city, which also happens to be home for most of them.   The prints in this exhibit include familiar buildings and iconic portraits as well as scenes of everyday street life in the New York city in both color and black and white.  If you love Manhattan this show brings out nostalgia. Images range from the early 1950’s to today.


a group photography exhibition

on view from December 1, 2016 - March 4, 2017
ilon Art Gallery
204 West 123rd Street, Harlem NY 10027

From the Archives celebrates each photographers hidden treasures.  As an archivist for the past two decades, I have seen these beautiful prints but now they exist safely stored away.  From the Archives is about these beauties and brings them out of the archives.

Contributing Photographers:
Ben Baker, Gregg Delman, Drew Doggett, Michele Dragonetti, Flo Fox, Leonard Freed, Claude Gassian, Lynn Gilbert, Ken Graves and Eva Lipman, Marc Hoberman, Eikoh Hosoe, Don Hunstein, Hank O'Neal, Ken Regan, Elliot Ross, Ronnie Buchman-Schonzeit, Ivory Serra, Len Speier, Philip Trager, Scott Witt and Robert Whitman



a group photography exhibition

on view from March 23 - June 23, 2016
ilon Art Gallery
204 West 123rd Street, Harlem NY 10027


“Music”, an amazingly curated exhibition of some of the greatest musicians of the last century, photographed by some of the greatest photographers of our time (and our parents time).  The exhibition mixes reportage, portrait, on stage, back stage into a wonderful 70 image glimpse into Music in the last 6 decades. Music is a group photography exhibition featuring 22 artists:

Albert Watson, Alfred Wertheimer, Andrew Haagen, Annie Leibovitz,
Bob Gruen, Chad Murray, Claude Gassian, Darien Davis, David Burnett,
Deborah Feingold, Don Hunstein, Gabe Kirchheimer, Harry Benson,
Jane Rose, Jesse Frohman, Gered Mankowitz, Kevin Mazur,
Leonard Freed, Martin Schoeller, Pari Dukovic, Robert Whitman,
Roxanne Lowit and William Claxton.




a group photography exhibition

on view from October 22, 2015- January 8, 2016
ilon Art Gallery
204 West 123rd Street, Harlem NY 10027

This show explores Harlem through the last 10 decades.  Its about Harlem and the people that have made Harlem, Harlem.
Featuring Artists:  Aaron Siskin, Art Kane, Deborah Feingold, Don Hunstein, Ed Keating, Flox Fox
Grayson Dantzic, Harry Benson, Ivory Serra, James Van Der Zee (courtesy of Howard Greenberg Gallery)
JT Liss, Ken Regan, Larry Fink, Len Speier, Morris Engel, Philip Trager, Sandra Rauch and Sara Wang.



a group photography exhibition

May 7, 2015 - July 9, 2015
ilon Art Gallery
204 West 123rd Street, Harlem NY 10027

Feel the Jazz is a collection of Jazz Photographs.  This collection is by some of the century's greatest Jazz and Music Photographers photographing this centuries greatest Jazz Musicians.  The famous Minton's is proudly sponsoring our show.  Minton's is a legendary supper club featuring major and emerging jazz artists of our time.  As Minton's is revitalizing the Jazz scene, ilon Art Gallery is revitalizing the art and photography scene.

Featuring Artists: Featuring artists Harry Benson, William Claxton, Grayson Dantzic, Jerry Dantzic, Deborah Feingold, Philippe Halsman, Herman Leonard, Ken Regan, Judy Schiller, Sherry Sirus, Albert Watson and Alfred Wertheimer.



a group photography exhibition

December 1, 2014 -  January 6, 2015
ilon Art Gallery
204 West 123rd Street, Harlem NY 10027
RSVP:  loni@ilon.com, 917-270-4696

Great art, great deals, across all price ranges!  Meet great artists, have fun, drink sake, wine, cider.....

Featuring artists Drew Doggett, Deborah Feingold, Harold Feinstein, Philippe Halsman, Marc Hoberman, Don Hunstein, Rita Jamison, Karen Kertesz, Gabe Kirchheimer, Cannon Hersey, Craig Lints, Eric Pelka, Sandra Rausch, Richard Silver, Pablo Sue Pat, David Weiner, Joshua Yates and more.

Also for sale works by William Claxton, David LaChapelle, Annie Leibovitz, Henry Leutwyler, Joel Meyerowitz, Giless Peress, Mark Seliger, Lawrence Schiller, Martin Schoeller, Mike and Doug Starn, Spencer Tunic, Tobin Yelland and many many more.

Peach Editions will debut its 'exclusive print editions' with artists Karen Combs, John Tierny, Marco Pittori

Investing in Art.
Art collection is a unique form of investment that gives individuals pleasure and adds beauty and depth to their lives.  Simultaneously art serves as a sound financial investment and effective form of portfolio diversification.   Art investing is more than just a financial opportunity it is a social, intellectual and aesthetic endeavor that historically yields the highest returns.